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Evaneos raises €20 million to accelerate growth in Europe

Paris, December 6th, 2022 - Evaneos, the online platform dedicated to making travel a source of positive impact, is pleased to announce a €20 million equity financing round to accelerate growth in Europe. The company, founded in Paris in 2009 by Yvan Wibaux and Eric La Bonnardière, allows travelers to craft extraordinary adventures and meaningful experiences directly with local experts around the world.


Evaneos experienced strong growth in 2022, amid the notable rebound of the tourism sector, with turnover four times higher than 2021. The company’s ethical marketplace model, connecting travelers directly with local agents to plan one-of-a-kind trips, continues to prove successful in the market.

Signaling their confidence and affirming the company’s resilience, Evaneos's current investors—Partech, Level Equity, Quadrille Capital, XAnge, Serena Capital and Bpifrance via the Ambition Numérique Fund—are all participating in this €20 million equity raise. This is in addition to the €100 million raised by Evaneos since the company’s creation.

Never has the expression ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ been as true as in the case of Evaneos. After two tough covid years, the company has emerged stronger, greener, and more determined than ever to provide a unique travel experience to every customer.” – Marc Fournier, Managing Partner at Serena Capital. 

 “Evaneos is paving the way for the future of tourism by offering sustainable trips with local impact to as many travelers as possible. We are proud to contribute to accelerating the company’s development through this investment. Evaneos is emerging from the covid crisis with a profitable business model, a completely overhauled technology platform, and a new way of thinking about travel.” – Bruno Crémel, General Partner at Partech. 

Evaneos has emerged stronger after the tourism crisis. The company has consolidated its strengths: both the technology-driven business model and trips that respect the environment as well as local economies. We are delighted to contribute to the new round which will give Evaneos the resources to become the leader in responsible tourism.” – Veronique Jacq, director of Digital Venture activity at BPI France.

The funds raised will enable Evaneos to strengthen growth across all current markets— France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands—while intensifying investment dedicated to making travel a source of positive change. 

The company will also enhance its tech capabilities, investing heavily in customer experience and agency network tools. Recruitment will strengthen the R&D team, which makes up 40% of Evaneos' workforce. 


Evaneos became the first B Corp-certified tourism company in June 2022, affirming their mission to help transform the industry and offer travelers a more responsible and sustainable way to explore the world.
At the heart of the Evaneos model is the connection between travelers and local agents, meticulously selected experts who ensure each trip remains authentic while respecting local communities, culture, and the environment. Proceeds directly support local economies, with 87% of the cost of each trip going to local actors and small businesses in destination. 

An additional percentage of each trip sold is donated to the Better Trips fund, created to reduce the negative effects of travel, including offsetting CO2 emissions through certified projects, and drive positive industry change. Initiatives include supporting local agencies to obtain sustainable tourism certifications and championing female entrepreneurship. 

Yvan Wibaux and Eric la Bonnardière: "More than half a million travelers have already placed their trust in Evaneos. We can also include our investors, who have supported us during our years of strong growth, during the crisis and now in the recovery phase of our business. We have believed in our model since its creation. Today we’re working to bring Evaneos to new audiences and to deepen our connection with all our stakeholders: investors, employees, travelers, and partners. It’s most important for us to work together, as we shake up an industry that needs to rethink the way it operates." 

About Evaneos 
Founded in 2009, Evaneos is the online platform dedicated to making travel a source of positive impact. Driven by the conviction that we need to reduce the global footprint of tourism—and that it’s possible for trips to be better for travelers and the places they visit—Evaneos puts travelers directly in contact with meticulously chosen local experts around the world. Together they craft extraordinary and one-ofa-kind trips that respect local cultures and communities. By choosing Evaneos, travelers not only support an alternative and ethical model for the industry but also see the cost of their trip directly benefit local economies. Today, Evaneos has more than 600 local partners in 160 destinations.

Press contact 
Lauren Hervé – lauren.herve@evaneos.com - +33 6 12 15 22 90

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