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Ambler wins tender to equip seven dialysis centers and calls on the CNAM (French National Health Insurance Fund)

  • Ambler kicks off 2023 by winning the tender issued by the AURAL (Association of Artificial Kidney Use in Alsace), in turn by equipping seven dialysis centers with its transport optimization tool.

  • Centralizing the transportation flow of medical facilities via an external platform allows for a substantial optimization of medical transport vehicles, with up to 80% shared transportation compared to just 10% on average today.

  • At a national level, incentivizing medical facilities to centralize the transportation flow of patients with long-term illnesses could bring in €500M in annual savings for the CNAM (10% of the medical transportation budget). 

French startup Ambler applied for the tender issued last October by the Association of Artificial Kidney Use in Alsace (AURAL in French), seeking to implement a medical transportation optimization tool to its seven dialysis centers. 

This project was run in close collaboration with the Alsace CPAM, which saw a growing increase in medical transportation costs despite efforts to encourage shared journeys. In light of this, AURAL and the CPAM 67 made the decision to centralize operations via a platform, allowing for the optimization of transportation flow. 

This deployment in the seven sites of the department intends to replicate the improvements achieved in the 15 long-term illness centers already using Ambler:  

  • Guarantee 100% of the rides and developing the ties between patients suffering from the same illnesses (with 10 minutes maximum of detours per patient).

  • Reduce the amount of transport time caregivers spend coordinating and issuing medical prescriptions.

  • Increase medical transportation SMEs revenues by 65% per journey.

  • Save 25% of costs for the CPAM thanks to 60-80% carpooling rates.

  • Reduce 25% of kilometers travelled per patient to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Operations will begin in the first quarter of 2023. Its success will provide the opportunity to expand the scheme to other AURAs (Paris, Lyon, Poitou-Charente, La Réunion...) but also to spotlight their national action plan to political decision-makers: how to generate up to €500 million in savings while maintaining a higher quality of service through shared journeying. 

“Winning this tender is key to our development. After guiding our ecosystem through the implementation of article 80 of the 2018 PLFSS, our ambitions have grown further. It’s time to demonstrate our capacity to optimize the majority of medical transportation while satisfying all parties: patients, medical transportation and providers, and health insurance”, said Thomas Bournac, president of Ambler.  

Four years after its creation, Ambler is nearing the realization of its initial vision: optimizing the circulation of medical transportation vehicles!  

About Ambler 
  • Founded in 2018 by experts in public transport (Flixbus, BlablaCar, G7).

  • Equipped 7% of French hospitals with 220 facilities and 1300 medical transportation companies.

  • 26 employees across Paris (headquarters), Strasbourg (office), Grenoble, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice.

  • €8M raised since 2018 from BPI, Partech, Eurazeo, and Kima 

Press contact 
Thomas Bournac (president) / thomas.bournac@ambler.fr / + 33 6 83 98 21 90

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