Podcast Picks of 2023

Podcast Picks of 2023

December 27th, 2023

As 2023 is approaching to a close, we have curated a list of podcasts that featured founders and C-Levels of Partech portfolio as well as Partechies.

From thought-provoking discussions on the latest tech trends to captivating stories of entrepreneurial journeys, these podcasts offer a valuable auditory experience for tech enthusiasts and business aficionados alike.

Tune in and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of tech and business.

1. Antti Nivala, CEO & Founder of M-Files, on ‘Behind Company Lines’

The 293rd episode of ‘Behind Company Lines’ features Antti Nivala, the CEO and Founder of M-Files. Antti shares his incredible journey from zero to a hundred million, providing valuable insights and advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Don't miss this episode for an inspiring and educational story. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here.

2. Boris Golden, on ‘Little Big Things’

‘Little Big Things’ welcomes Boris Golden to discuss all about venture capital investment funds in tech. Boris shares his expert knowledge on the subject, shedding light on the intricacies of venture capital and its role in the tech industry. Tune in to this episode to expand your understanding of the venture capital landscape. - This podcast is in French.

Listen here

3. Charlotte Degot, CEO of CO2 AI, on ‘In Her Ellement’

‘In Her Ellement’ features Charlotte Degot, CEO and Co-founder of CO2 AI. Charlotte talks about the importance of trusting your inner voice in the entrepreneurial journey. She shares her experiences and the lessons she has learned along the way. Tune in to this episode for a dose of inspiration and empowerment. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here

4. Christian Wiens, CEO of Getsafe, on ‘Finscale’

On ‘Finscale’, we have Christian Wiens, CEO of Getsafe, for the 161st episode. Christian talks about the rise of German InsurTech and how Getsafe is at the forefront of this phenomenon. Listen to this episode to learn more about the German InsurTech industry and Getsafe's role in it. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here

5. Frédéric Plais, CEO & Co-Founder of, on ‘CONTROL F’

Listen to ‘Control F’ as Frédéric Plais, CEO and Co-founder of, shares his experience of managing a company with 300 employees spread across 35 countries. Frédéric provides a unique perspective on how to successfully run an internationally distributed team. - This podcast is in French.

Listen here

6. Isabelle Guis, Global CMO at Brevo, on ‘Marketing Today’

The 389th episode of ‘Marketing Today’ features Isabelle Guis, CEO and CMO of Brevo. Isabelle talks about Brevo's journey of adaptation, rebranding, and global expansion. Listen to this episode to understand the challenges and opportunities that come with rebranding and expansion in the global market. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here

7. Philippe Collombel, Founding and General Partner at Partech, on ‘Finscale’

In the 199th episode of Finscale, Solenne Nidercorn invited Philippe Collombel to talk about Partech’s story, starting back to its creation in 1982 to its five strategies today with €2,5M under management, all the while explaining how you nurture a management company with creativity and impact. Listen to this episode to learn this and so much more! - This podcast is in French.

Listen here

8. Samuel Colvin, Founder and CEO of Pydantic, on ‘The Sourcegraph podcast’

Our first podcast is an episode of ‘The Sourcegraph podcast’ in which Samuel Colvin, the founder and CEO of Pydantic, is interviewed. Samuel shares his experiences, the challenges he faced, and how he overcame them to build and maintain Pydantic. Listen to this episode for an insightful discussion on the world of open-source contributions and Python development. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here

9. Sebastian Brenner, Co-Founder of Metycle, in ‘Startup Insider’

‘Startup Insider’ features Sebastian Brenner, Co-founder of Metycle. Sebastian discusses Metycle's recent successful funding for sustainable secondary metal trading. Get an insider's view on the world of sustainable startups and their impact on the environment. - This podcast is in German.

Listen here

10. Tidjane Dème, General Partner at Partech Africa, on ‘Fintech Leaders’

Next up, we have Tidjane Deme on ‘Fintech Leaders’. Tidjane talks about his journey from Africa to the world, and how African Fintechs are becoming global champions. He shares his experiences in the fintech industry and provides valuable insights into the growing influence of African Fintechs on the global stage. - This podcast is in English.

Listen here

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